Yes, Masters of Sex is Still on the Air



Otherwise known as that show about sex, the little known critically acclaimed ShowTime series, premiered it’s fourth and perhaps final season on Monday night.

With TVSeriesFinale reporting back in January that ShowTime was not yet ready to commit full time to a season 5 of the show due to it’s abysmally low 600K viewership. You aren’t likely to run into very many people who have watched it. Note: I do not have numbers for the season 4 premiere as of yet.

But regardless, many people were wondering aloud when the show first aired how exactly they were going to make a show about sex. How would Masters of Sex approach the “touchy” subject? Well, it turns out as we’ve seen throughout the series, they deal with it quite directly, in every manner.

But, it’s no “snuff film,” as Masters said while vigorously defending his “research” in the first season. Season 4 starts with the sexual revolution, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. As well as dealing with Playboy’s rise to power. The season also opens with Masters and Johnson feeling lost without each other and wondering if their consulting business ends because of the end of their tumultuous affair, perhaps foreshadowing the end of this not so family friendly series.