Windows Phones Are Dead

I mean doesn't this thing look beautiful?

I mean doesn’t this thing look beautiful?

The Windows Phone Hardware line is effectively dead. Reports around the tech blogosphere have surfaced that Microsoft is pulling all their Lumia modeled devices from stores. They will stop selling them altogether in December. There is no market share for the Lumia. It doesn’t make Billions like the iPhones or the Samsungs, and even fan sites agree. This is the end of the line.

So Microsoft’s only hope now rests with Surface, if they want to be a contender for hardware, and it looks like they are. Surface Phone is reportedly in the works and there have already been detailed rumored reports about what features the Surface 5 will have.

Me? I love the Windows Phone interface. I think it was the most forward-looking interface to have come out of the smartphone market. I hope that Apple and Android take some pointers from Microsoft, because it was a simple layout made for the 21st century. Windows Mobile is a step in the right direction, but ultimately nobody cared. That’s a shame.