Will Madam Secretary Change to Madam President?

Will Madam Secretary Change to Madam President?

Thanks to a “nuclear” season finale, it’s possible. On the dating site OkCupid, “In a certain light wouldn’t nuclear war be exciting?” is a question that is included on their personality quiz. How that helps you find a dating partner, I don’t know, but if any girls out there agree with me that Madam Secretary just had their best episode ever, we should talk about it over drinks.

I’m being serious here. When you watch Madam Secretary these days, it feels like the show is what the government should be. Not a crappy reality show run by a stupid TV host filled with a cast of characters who don’t really care about the jobs that they are doing and they are just in it for their 15 mins of fame.

I wrote last year, how Madam Secretary pretty much predicted the Whitefish scandal, so let’s hope that the scenario that Madam Secretary’s President Dalton had to face on the season 4 finale doesn’t come anywhere close to being real life. When Dalton reached for the football on the golf course, I gasped. Imagining Trump with that thing in his hands. Can the cast of Madam Secretary just work at the ghost town that is the real State Department? Can Dalton be our real President?

The nuanced conversations and the actual debates that go on in the West Wing of that TV show are better than the fake news, tweeting, and paranoia that is spreading through the halls of the real one. In an amazing 45 minutes the Madam Secretary finale took us through all the steps that it takes to launch a Nuclear Weapon, and they did it! Almost.

Now, if the show was ending and they didn’t get renewed for a season 5, it would have been a very fiery ending to a TV show that was more about real world politics and geopolitical situations, rather than end of days disasters. Yet a nuclear winter is always a possibility and as the plot shows, some of the policies are outdated.

The characters came so close to total world annihilation that it jump-starts Secretary McCord’s desire to become President. So the question remains, will the TV show title change? I assume it might depend on who is President if and when Secretary McCord becomes President on the TV show. Anything can happen in TV these days, and the creators seem open to the idea. Madam President has a nice ring to it.

And yes, Jay is on the list.