Why is Weekend Update Not Airing on Weekends?

Why is Weekend Update Not Airing on Weekends?

SNL is branching out and it aired it’s Special Weekend Update segment on Thursday night. That’s right, Weekend Update aired on a Thursday!

As co-hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che get back into the groove of making fun of Trump. They summarized all that they missed including everyone’s favorite late night punching bag, Anthony Scaramucci. Trump’s sons stopped by to spread some Trump propaganda, and then they made fun of sports.

I gotta give props to SNL for attempting to make a franchise. It’s a good supplement for SNL fans since they can’t air episodes every week. However, there’s not much difference between the actual SNL segment and the TV show. Indeed, if you search for “weekend update,” on your DVR, you will be left disappointed that you can’t find it. It’s only under the Saturday Night Live banner. That’s definitely different and could be part of SNL’s attempt to try to always be current.

What makes no sense is why it’s aired on Thursdays? But then again, maybe that’s the point! It can run away and not compete with the likes of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. With 4.7 million total viewers, that’s a pretty strong opening. That being said, with Weekend Update airing on a Thursday NBC may just have that much confidence in the show to let it compete in primetime and with those numbers (beating basically everything) they might be right. We’ll see if that number stays next week.