Where Can Sean Hannity Go? The Blaze? Infowars?

Where Can Sean Hannity Go? The Blaze? Infowars?

As the curtain closes on the old guard at Fox News, Sean Hannity is the last man standing. He knew his time was limited when he tweeted out a threatening message to his fans and Fox News’ top brass. He seems to know what’s going on with Fox News executives and his friend Bill Shine. O’Reilly, sided with Ailes, and Hannity sided with Shine. Hannity also warned that without Bill Shine that would spell doom for the network and end FNC as we know it.

He claimed to be thinking about leaving the network, and subtly plugged his TV show, with a later tweet, saying, if he had anything to say about the matter, he would talk about it Monday night. Monday night came and went and no word from Hannity’s twitter account about the matter.

Just before ending the show on Monday night, Hannity gleefully added, “By the way, special thank you to all our friends in the media that were tuning in tonight, maybe for the first time. And all the lies you’ve heard about me are not true.” Clearly, knowing what he just did. Hannity used this as a PR stunt to plug his TV show. He would have to give Fox News 60 days, to exit.

Then, came the conference meeting today, Hannity had with his staff, which was unusual because Hannity doesn’t usually do them. This is leading to more speculation that Hannity is toying with the media all the while, trying to leave Fox News anyway. He is clearly unhappy there, but where would he go?

The likeliest place for him to land unfortunately, is infowars. The conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is currently in the middle of a custody battle for his kids. A trial in which his lawyers revealed to the public that he is basically a fraud. However, I doubt being the egomaniac that he is, Jones would want to share the spotlight with Hannity. I am not even sure how that model will work. But Hannity has slid down the rabbit hole this past year to some pretty scary sounding conspiracy theories that he spouts from his soapbox daily. No other platform would offer the embattled TV host the same/similar audience and platform that Alex Jones has.

The other option for Hannity is The Blaze which has been floundering in ruin ever since owner Glenn Beck, has turned 180 degrees into a more moderate mellow fellow. Hannity could replace Beck on The Blaze, if only there was a staff revolt led by Tomi Lahren.

But due to the PR stunt Hannity pulled, he might be sticking around FNC longer than he originally thought.