What ‘Real News’ is Trump Talking About?

What ‘Real News’ is Trump Talking About?

A nation wants to know. Trump thinks every bad report about him is fake, or at least that’s what he says. It’s hard to believe anything coming out of the White House these days, but yesterday Trump sent out a cryptic tweet saying that he was going to Wisconsin to talk about JOBS, while the real news was reporting on it.

We all know that he hates CNN and The New York Times, but it’s unclear in the below tweet which news outlets he talks about when he mentions Real News.

What that real news was, I can’t be sure. Did he give special access to Fox & Friends? Did he bring his CT Buddy Alex Jones with him? Right before the above tweet, he was complaining about the Fake News Media:

Stephen Colbert seems to have an answer. Recently, The Late Show has been airing an internal news segment which seems to be a bit about what Trump Supporters or Trump himself wants the news to be. In the latest segment reporters talked JOBS!

It’s a fun bit that’s all too real. As the rapid hate coming from the right about the news media becomes the single unifier in the Republican Party, I’ve often asked conservatives, what they want the news to be like. Do they want partisan news? Positive News? Pro-Trump News??? That’s what it seems like to me.