Westworld Gallops onto HBO

Westworld Gallops onto HBO

Giving HBO it’s highest ratings ever since True Detective’s mind-blowing first episode. It looks like HBO will do just fine Post-Game of Thrones.

Drawing in at nearly 3.3 million viewers Sunday night over multiple platforms. Westworld’s premise was apparently intriguing enough to some people. The Wild West seems to take a back-seat in this drama which seems to be more about the discovery of Artificial Intelligence rather than being a Western. So Will WestWorld the TV show do more to blend together Western and sci-fi Genres than any other western/scifi show or movie has done before it?

It sure looks like the pairing of JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan has struck gold once again, perhaps doing what those other media properties couldn’t to a genre that people have been trying to put together for  decades: The science fiction western.

I can already tell what some of the topics will be that this provocative TV series will focus on. Mostly it will be about a seemingly cruel Turing test that these androids will go through. Basically these scientists in the show are asking, how much crap can we put these robots on the cusp of Artificial Intelligence through before they rise up and take matters into their own hands. In a more ironic fashion, the scientists seem to have the most problems with the robots in their artificially created WestWorld where chaos is set on maximum. Especially by their rich clients and one seemingly lone Android who has so far escaped detection??? HBO count me in!