Waiting on New Avatars

Waiting on New Avatars

How long James Cameron waits before making Avatar sequels will surely test audience’s patience for this continuing saga.  The first movie came out in 2009 and since then Cameron has been waiting on technology to get just a little bit better in order to bring his rumored underwater home to life.

With a predictable release date in December 2018, that means that Avatar 2 will be released 9 years after the first one! There will be three more sequels rumored to come out two years apart from each other, but whether or not Cameron sticks with the schedule is totally up to him and what he is calling glasses-free 3D. The technology only available in the Nintendo 3DS has yet to see wide adaptation in any other screens.

How exactly glasses free 3D works in a theater on such a large screen, remains to be seen and it’s unclear what would happen to Avatar 2 or Cameron’s passions with the other movies if it isn’t a truly holographic-like experience. If this is what Cameron is shooting for, I’ll be impressed, but won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes.