Vin Diesel Looks to Xander Cage for More Billions

Vin Diesel Looks to Xander Cage for More Billions

15 years after XXX 2 bombed at the box office. Vin Diesel is banking on the word franchise. Hoping to usher in a new era of bad, the trailer for XXX 3 clocked in at more than 100 Million eyeballs on YouTube.

Now, while it’s not clear that 1/3 of this country actually viewed the trailer, or if all of those people actually want to see more of XXX’s bad, bad films. What is clear is the smile working across Xander Cage’s face as he proclaims to the world, that he’s back!

But as it’s title suggests, a Return of Xander Cage would seem pointlessly empty, if Vin Diesel hung up Cage’s skis after only one more iteration as the iconic bad guy action hero that helped put him on the Hollywood map.

There is no word or rumors going around Hollywood about the possibility of more XXX movies after 2017’s Return. While trailer views, aren’t necessarily a gauge  for measuring how well a movie will do in theaters, you can bet that the execs who rule the franchise universe are hoping that a new era of Xander Cage movies can be born from his untimely return to the big screen. As Vin Diesel is at the peak of his career with Guardians of the Galaxy and the Fast & Furious Franchise, two more franchises on his belt, Xander Cage should be an easy sell.