Valerian Franchise Outlook Is Bleak

Valerian Franchise Outlook Is Bleak

Another potential new franchise, another summer blockbuster flop. People complain about the lack of new ideas in Hollywood, but Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, was probably one of the most promising new ideas in science fiction in recent years and it’s clear no one went to go see it.

With a HUGE $210 Million budget consisting mostly of CGI and graphics companies, there are now internal disputes about who exactly is to blame for the summer’s biggest flop so far.

Many people were not happy with the casting choice of Dane Dehaan to play the lead role in Valerian.

The film flopped due to a number of factors but one can safely say the lack of A-list stars in the film and the Nolan backed Dunkirk, had something to do with it. As a Nolan fan, I’d rush to see Dunkirk over Valerian. If he had made Valerian instead that would have brought way more people.

There’s also the 5th Element Factor. Since Luc Besson first came out with The 5th Element, fans have been weary about seeing another movie like it, and to most people Valerian reminded them of the 5th Element. Still other critics point to the lack of reach that the graphic novel had. One thing clear? From the marketing to the casting Valerian was a cool concept that became a mess.