Universal’s Monster Problem

Universal’s Monster Problem

Universal just reversed course the entire plan for their Monster Movie franchise. Of which up until now included Dracula Untold. I think most suspecting individuals who have kept close watch on this franchise would have assumed that Universal would include the King of the Vampires himself in a shared universe about Monsters.




Now, it seems no longer the case. As the first reactions of The Mummy trailer starring Tom Cruise, came out it seems Universal wants a divorce from this not too sound idea in the first place. The Monster Franchise was probably never a good idea in the first place because these are tired and true classics and any shared universe will be bound to piss off the old fans.


The Monster Classics I am talking about were at their peak in the 1940s and once again in the 1970s. They included the original tales of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy and more. What’s also made clear is that Universal isn’t technically ready for a Monster Shared Universe. Since, Dracula is no longer involved in the shared storyline, that leaves the poorly received The Mummy as it’s starting point.


Alex Kurtzman, unofficial creator of this shared universe has stated that he has ideas to bring together these creatures, but I’m not holding my breath. It seems like this is a loose idea picked up by the press and really over-hyped. While Dr. Jekyll’s presence in The Mummy can certainly lead to this shared universe. There probably isn’t much life there to even do what DC has attempted to do with the DCEU.

I’d much rather see them do a type of mash-up movie like what the Extraordinary Gentlemen attempted to do in 2003, but perhaps people are afraid to try that again, because even that movie didn’t do well in the box office.

For those wondering, Brendan Fraser who was last seen in the other Mummy Trilogy, makes a surprise guest starring role in ShowTime’s Critically Acclaimed hit The Affair and he looks nothing like he did back then!