Trump Needs to Stop Watching Cable News

Trump Needs to Stop Watching Cable News

It baffles me why the people who hate the news media the most support a President who watches the most cable news of any President in history!

Trump does not follow pop culture, at all. He follows fake news from Fox & Friends, his favorite show which oftentimes he watches the whole three hour block of. This didn’t stop Trump from naming Fox & Friends the most influential news show of 2017. It’s only influential to him because he watches that one, if Trump watched Game of Thrones as much as he watches Fox & Friends that would be the most influential show in his mind. That’s the equivalent of me putting Fox & Friends on my top pundits list of 2017.

One could also say that Fox & Friends is the most influential show, because Trump often promotes it. Now, the people who hate the media should have a problem with that, but they don’t. Fox News has long established themselves as NOT part of the MSM, even though they very much are. They very much are part of the reason why we have Trump as President today.

But MSM haters say we should not watch it anymore because it’s nothing but infotainment. If they want people to stop watching it, why does Trump get a pass? We all know Trump should stop tweeting, but he should stop watching cable news so much too! Pick up a science fiction book, binge watch a TV show, just sign up for Netflix. Anything to get his head out of the gutter.