Trump Loses His Religion

Imagine for a moment that the Pope went on national TV, paraded around top religious figures, opened up a brand new church and then told us that there was no God, and that Jesus never ever existed. “Thanks for the money losers!” That is essentially what Trump did as he made his biggest flip-flop yet, and then he shattered the religion that he created.



Of course, like all good religions birtherism will still be around for a few more years, but less prominent as the years go by. It was inevitable anyway, A religion can’t exist as an antithesis to a person, place, or thing. There can be a movement, but it will only last so long as that person remains in the public eye (Obama is leaving office next year), and/or it’s leaders dismiss the concept, kill each other, or commit suicide along with all the followers.

But let’s not distract ourselves from what Trump has done and the deadening silence coming from the birther camp itself. Trump clearly knows and understands how stupid and gullible the American people are. To any American who has followed this election closely you know that it’s clear this man has no moral compass. He has no principles and is conning the entire country right before our eyes. Real birthers, the guys who fell for this stuff must be pretty angry at this point, but if they are, they aren’t saying so. They are laying low.

Their silence should tell you something about that, but if anybody out there, who was a birther would like to now answer the following questions:
1. Do you feel betrayed?
2. Do you feel abandoned?
3. Do you feel stupid now?
4. All of the above?

What do you feel about what Trump has done? Are you still a birther? Why?

This should be considered the biggest flip flop in the history of political flip flops. For years he was the ONLY person of prominence that focused on this.



So that begs the question: Did Donald Trump fake his belief in the birther movement just to propel himself into politics and perhaps the white house, so that he could succeed the first African American President and in a sense fire him? Was it all faux outrage? A test to see how people would react and see if it would stick?

If you say no, he really believed all this stuff, then you have to now question every single position that he has ever laid out in the past year and how easy it will be for Trump to go back on those stances. Imagine if he didn’t really care about building the wall? The truth may be stranger than fiction in this case. I for one, don’t believe a word he says! So what does that mean? Did he ever believe the birther nonsense? Or was he just using it for his own personal agenda, like a normal two-bit politician? Or does that mean he actually does STILL believe the birther stuff and just is basically lying to the world that this is now what he believes, because Top politicians uh told him what to say??

The media got played! What they expected was a grand speech that would put the issue to rest. What they ended up getting instead was a sales pitch for something else that they didn’t expect, another lie,  and a 20 second statement from what could be the future President of the country.

Did it work? Tune in next week for the poll numbers. If the polls drop, Trump’s latest venture is a failed one. If they remain the same or even rise, then this statement actually freaking worked and Trump has trolled his way into the White House!