Trump Goes After Amazon For All the Wrong Reasons

Trump Goes After Amazon For All the Wrong Reasons

Trump ever the hypocrite goes after Amazon because it’s doing a better job than the Postal Service??? Yup, and they want us to believe that Trump is a Republican. What else is new.

For weeks, the “fake news,” media has been speculating that Trump was going to go after Amazon because he has been fuming in private. This information comes from anonymous sources and Trump friends telling them that’s what he was planning.

It’s worth noting that Trump is NOT going after Facebook which was facing it’s own mini-scandal last week over Cambridge Analytica. In fact, Trump seemed to praise their work on twitter. Boasting about how he didn’t need to use that much money on advertising because of data he got from Facebook.

It is also worth noting that Jeff Bezos paid for the rights to LOTR for $200 million in cash. Trump couldn’t even pay off a porn-star without using his lawyer’s house! If Trump wasn’t such a hypocrite this battle would already over be before it begins. But wait, there’s more!

For now it’s just tweeting, and it’s unclear if Trump can do any real damage to the most powerful brand on the planet, but he’s clearly unhappy with untrue reporting on the giant e-tailer. Amazon is one of the largest employers in the United States and it’s currently building a gigantic second Headquarters which will bring in thousands of new jobs. Whichever city gets that building will become a new age mecca of productivity and consumerism. Amazon is likely expecting deep tax cuts from whichever city it gets built in as part of the deal.

Speaking of tax cuts, Trump just signed a tax bill, that favors companies like Amazon moreso than the American people. Amazon is an American corporate giant, that hosts most if not all of it’s services located right here in the United States. So his misguided attack on Amazon not only goes against his tax plan, it also goes against his stated America first policies as well as his seemingly non-existent infrastructure plan.

Then there are new ramped up attacks on the Washington Post, an American Institution, and one of if not the best paper in the country. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos owns that too, and it has been the thorn in Trump’s backside. Especially as it breaks stories about the Mueller investigation as well as how Trump’s businesses are taking a beating under his Presidency. Trump lashes out at the very company behind it all for all the wrong reasons.

He has not celebrated the great success story that Amazon is. The drive of it’s leader. The corporate practices that teeter on the edge of human rights abuses and the same practices that Ivanka Trump apparently uses in her companies.

Then there is the literal tweet itself where Trump said the US Postal Service is losing money because of Amazon. It is NOT! Let me repeat that, USPS is NOT losing money because of Amazon. It’s losing money because letters are outdated. Maybe if Trump sent letters to all Americans instead of tweets, he could single-handedly save that portion of the business. In fact, package delivery, which Amazon uses USPS for, has only increased!

So to sum up, in one tweet. Trump managed to attack his own political party’s ideals, his own corporate policies, his own infrastructure policies, his own tax polices, his own America First policies, his own failed business practices, prove that the MSM reporting is accurate, attacks the best paper in the country, and the basis for all of this was wrong in the first place.