Trump Doesn’t Want to Talk About the Pee Pee.

Trump Doesn’t Want to Talk About the Pee Pee.

I struggled to write this piece. I’ve been mulling it over for the past four days and fear for the future of international relations which in the week before Trump is set to take office has literally become a pissing match. So while addressing the elephant in the room that is Russia, I go back to March of 2012 where President Barack Obama was caught on Hot Mic saying that after the election he would have more flexibility to deal with Russian issues. Now, back then this was all that was needed for Conservatives to convict Obama for being a Russian Stooge.

Enter President Trump. Information has been forthcoming about his team’s dealings with Russia and I think it’s safe to say that they are on much more friendly terms than Obama ever was. While much of report’s claims are as of this point unverifiable, the claim is out there. Just like how Sarah Palin is saying she can see Russia from her House, yet she never actually said something like that. It was Tina Fey on SNL who said it.

Yet, if you ask any hard-line Trump supporter, it’s a lie. It’s a Conspiracy Theory with in fact,  no such evidence that links directly to Trump and Russia. This is dangerous thinking in more ways than one. It’s hopelessly optimistic and more naive than any of candidate Barack Obama’s grand plans from 2007 before the idealist in him was eaten alive by the bureaucratic machine.

Why? It all stems back from an intelligence briefing that Donald Trump received explaining to him that Russia might have dirt on Trump that includes his dealings with prostitutes! It’s the typical blackmail game that is used way too often in politics. This one just went public because we have a President who loves every type of publicity.

Yet, Trump didn’t like or rather he acted like he didn’t like that the media was reporting on supposedly bad things about him. In what was supposed to be his first press conference in six months,  he railed against an entire News Network and told them to stop reporting fake news. Among other things he compared that to living in Nazi Germany and he said he liked having Russia like him. Maybe a little too much?

First of all, the report that CNN talked about was not fake. It was given to him and President Obama. It may have included unverifiable information, but the fact that the dossier exists is not fake news! What CNN reported was factually correct and the VP and intelligence directors all confirmed that they knew about and read the same report that was given to Trump. Yet from Trump supporters it seems that they want to believe something else is going on here. That all the top agencies in the country along with the President and Vice President are colluding in an outright and obvious conspiracy theory in order to bring down Trump. Even after Obama said he wants the transition to go as smoothly as possible.

I’d Just like to point out that Trump is the one out there who is making the most noise over how fake this supposedly is. And if it is fake/a lie, then all the above that I just posted has to be true. In my experience studying conspiracy theories and how they are supposed to operate, nothing is ever that obvious! Even if the CT turns out to be true!

So the week full of the Trump press conference was finished last night on SNL. Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump said, “I don’t want to talk about the Pee Pee.” Then he spent the rest of the skit avoiding the question just like Trump did in his real press conference. Trump may not want to talk about the pee-pee but even if the pee-gate isn’t true (highly unlikely) then Trump is stuck with it either way!