The Walking Dead Wants to be Around 50 Years From Now

The Walking Dead Wants to be Around 50 Years From Now

There are pop culture franchises that are so big they stick around for many years. Who can forget the Star Trek vs Star Wars wars of the past which is currently being rehashed by a new generation, Indiana Jones and The Planet of the Apes are timeless classics. Marvel’s slate of Superheros are also slightly older than those other franchises.

The newest pop culture phenomenon is The Walking Dead, and love it or hate it, the you cannot ignore it’s popularity. AMC Networks knows this and wants the franchise to last as long as Star Trek or Planet of the Apes! The Walking Dead’s push into gaming, merchandise, and VR is only going to help fuel the franchise. Cross-over events as fans jump from parent show The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead will help merge those two worlds into a formidable vehicle in which to launch future spinoffs and other adventures.

The Walking Dead has already cornered the zombie market in just eight years. Imagine what it can do in 20!