The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Would Have Been a Perfect Series Ending:

The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Would Have Been a Perfect Series Ending:

Of course The Smash Hit will be back for Season 8, and probably 9 and 10 as well. Perhaps 11 and 12 and 13 and 14 too!

For me, a lukewarm fan at best, the Season 7 finale was the end of the story that I have grown to love. Never one to embrace the over the top genre that is horror coupled with the most unlikely science fiction scenario ever to grasp the imagination. The Walking Dead not only capitalized this, but completely owned it! So much so that no other zombie property has seen the same success and hardly anyone in Hollywood wants to go near it.

So is it any wonder that after seven years The Walking Dead portrays it’s very name? The Walking Dead is a dead show walking. The network, actors, and writers, just don’t know it yet. The Zombies have taken a back seat. There were literally no zombies in the entire episode! That really sealed the deal for me. That made me realize that from here on out The Walking Dead will continue on to become an apocalyptic soap opera that doesn’t even meet USA’s Colony’s very low standards.

With most of the original characters that I’ve come to like as well as certain secondary characters now dead. Morgan and Rick’s friendship back together, Rick and his family back together. Daryl and Carol back to normalish levels and Negan running for the hills. I honestly couldn’t care less what happens next. Sure, long time jumpers, saw this happening as early as season 2, but I kept with it. I liked the other characters that have come and since left the show in all that time.

I still maintain that The Governor was the best Villain the show has ever had. I liked Denise, I liked Glenn, I liked Abraham. I liked Tyreese. I liked Hershel. I liked Richard and Sasha too. The most fascinating character right now to me is Eugene and they seem to be doing nothing with his character. I feel like I could write something so much better for that character than the show has been willing to. The show no longer takes any risks (see lack of zombies as mentioned earlier) and the character of Negan is too damn trusting of the people he captures.

I don’t care about The Kingdom, I don’t care about The Hilltop. I think perhaps that Jerry and Shiva are useless comic reliefs that the show honestly never needed before. It used to be shocking, gruesome, and risky.

Could it be that The Walking Dead has run it’s course? Finally jumped the shark? The various ways that the show has thrown zombie guts in our faces might have desensitized audiences to the point where they might not have cared that no zombies were in the finale, but I noticed.

I noticed that there seems to be a shift beginning with this season when producers and cast members started hinting about this being a new era in Walking Dead history. A reset. A reboot. A 2.0. And while I am usually the first person to become excited for a reboot of a franchise. That usually comes after a few years. Not during the show! The Walking Dead, should take note of various soap operas that have tried this and failed, but they won’t thanks to it’s rabid fan base.