The Walking Dead Meets it’s Untimely Demise with Negan

The Walking Dead Meets it’s Untimely Demise with Negan

In literature, the climax is the highest or most intense point in the development of the plot or story. Enter the always captivating Jefferey Dean Morgan’s character, Negan, who spearheads the world of the Walking Dead 2.0. Where Negan is King, but not of someplace called The Kingdom and apparently an actual Tiger fits into all this somehow. Disclaimer: I do not read the comics.

It remains to be seen, if eeny meeny miny moe will become a staple catchphrase for post-millennial psychopaths, but in a hard pressed hyped up effort to hand control of the world of the Walking Dead to Negan. The Walking Dead ironically might have hit it’s peak moment.

What was built-up for seven long months of press releases about how the baddest guy around is going to wreck havoc and basically reboot the show, they may piss off long time fans throughout the rest of season 7 and beyond. For if losing two of our favorite and strongest characters and with a potential third on the chopping block (pun intended), was not enough. The loses of those characters will be felt and talked about among our group of survivors for years.

Now, I am not saying that The Walking Dead doesn’t have life left in it. I’m sure it has enough episodes left to compete with longer running series like NCIS and Law & Order. I’m not saying that it has jumped the shark with introducing Negan. I love a great villain and if done right, Negan will remain just crazy enough, but not too crazy as to be seen as a cartoon character. I still want to see what happens next, even after Negan has brought our group to it’s weakest point yet. It leaves every fan wondering, how will they come back from this??

I’m not so sure they can and if they do. How do you top that intro? What could they think of next?