The State of NJ Has Ancient Train Technology

The State of NJ Has Ancient Train Technology

Called Positive Train Control, otherwise known as PTC, it allows the train to automatically slow down if the system alerts them a train is going too fast. After a deadly crash in Hoboken New Jersey, new questions are being raised about why this train didn’t have automation technology that we all know exists.

Well it turns out that not only are all trains in the country supposed to have it, but all trains in NJ are supposed to have the technology. So how many trains do you think have the technology??

That’s right, you guessed it! None. 0. Zilch. No Trains in the state are equipped with this life saving technology. The funny thing is trains were supposed to be upgraded by December 15, 2015. All of them! As of this point they are still in preliminary testing phases for this technology. What’s worse is that the technology has been around for more than 40 years!