The Purge TV Series Picked Up By Syfy

The Purge TV Series Picked Up By Syfy

What is The Purge? Why does it exist? In this creepy universe, hints of the “founding” no pun intended of that night are mentioned, but the movies never go too deep, they actually never go too deep overall.

What I hope to see in this new TV Series is a dark and gritty take on the one night where all crime is legal. The producers of the franchise hope to delve into the complexities of why someone would choose to partake in The Purge. What leads up to someone wanting to murder someone. Even when it’s legal, murder is not an easy thing to do!

As the series has just been green-lit, details are slim. It is not known whether or not this means that the movies are done for or if it’s just a companion TV series that exists in the same universe and could be great filler for a future movie. What if the TV series ends right before Purge Night and then, they release another Purge movie to conclude the TV Show? That would be an innovative way to tie them both together.