The Nunes Memo Movie Would Be Laughed Out of Hollywood

The Nunes Memo Movie Would Be Laughed Out of Hollywood

Conspiracy is an all too common plot device in just about any TV show and blockbuster out there these days. Shadowy agencies that control everything are well known plot devices too. It shows up in everything from your basic cop shows like Blue Bloods or NCIS, and to pop culture fan favorites like Stranger Things and Marvel movies. It’s almost a given that a movie or TV series heavy with mythology about things we just don’t understand, a government agency will get involved and conspiracies will take place. This seems to be what the White House believes is happening to Trump.

NCIS Interrogation

Washington DC has once again been held hostage, shut down, and shell-shocked by actions of the Trump Administration. It’s the latest attempt of Trump to pin the FBI as an evil biased organization that’s out to get him. Much to the joyous cheers of his supporters who are acting a lot like those “bring down the man types,” they used to make fun of. Make no mistake, the FBI is out to get Trump, but that’s entirely his own doing, and it has nothing to do with whatever supposed biases the FBI might have.

Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who compiled the infamous Steele Dossier. A key piece of evidence in the Mueller investigation

This all goes back to the Steele Dossier which implicates Trump as a Russian plant because among other things, it alleges that Russia has dirt on Trump that includes a Pee-Pee Tape with Russian Hookers, and is pulling the strings behind his Presidency and Businesses.

Trump supporters have insisted ever since that story broke, that the Steele Dossier is fake news. That nothing in it is reliable information with actually no evidence to support that theory. Other outlets have corroborated parts of the Dossier to be true, and Mueller likely has proof that the other parts are true. Since it IS a key piece of evidence in his investigation.

Devin Nunes; Trump Troll.

Now onto the Nunes Memo which as far as I can tell is a piece of crap concocted by the Trump ally, Devin Nunes when he pulled it out of Trump’s ***thole. In it he outlines a vast left wing conspiracy theory against Donald J. Trump: That top Republican Trump picks in the intelligence agencies all got together with moderate and anti-trump republicans, the mainstream media, the DNC and the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, FusionGPS, FISA Court and maybe Bernie Sanders, to undermine Trump and still…fail?

That’s right, Nunes came up with a conspiracy theory so stupid that it utterly failed. That or it doesn’t exist at all. What do you think is likely?

Now as far as Hollywood is concerned, this wouldn’t even make it past the first pitch. Why? Because in movies and TV shows, dirty cops and corrupt federal agents have means and the power to make something this incriminating “disappear,” if you know what I mean.

Interrogation Room: Hawaii Five-O

A plot where this was a real piece of danger in a TV show and Mr. Nunes would not have lived past the pilot episode of this crappy show. International assassins would have surely got to him and burned the memo or he would have been captured by a rouge FBI agent and locked away in her dungeon for her to torture.

Hank Voight often tortures suspects on Chicago P.D.

So perhaps, after all is said an done, and all the crying by the FBI is bawled out, Mueller knew that this memo was stupid that it wouldn’t amount to anything. He knew, because at this point he can predict every move that Trump will make and use it to his advantage. He knew because he was simply doing his job.