The Fight of the Century Has Crashed PPV Services

The Fight of the Century Has Crashed PPV Services

Update: The fight started after midnight.


PPV services were overwhelmed by traffic according to ESPN.


It is not known when the fight will go live but sources are saying it’s been delayed until next week as official channels are optimistic the issues will be sorted out tonight.

It seems like PPV services and UFC Fightpass were not prepared for the traffic that the fight would get. Analysts have been comparing the fight to a blockbuster movie, and some have predicted over $1 Billion in sales worldwide.

While almost no one is predicting a Mcgregor win, everyone is predicting that the fight’s marketing stunts are paying off big time. The fight which may not last very long at all, is expected to swell to $700+ Million in revenue for PPV.

That estimate is based off the $99.95 rental price tag worldwide.  Mcgregor himself predicting the fight itself two years ago on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, the two have been going at it ever since. PPV has a hell of crisis on their hands right now if they can’t get the issues resolved quickly. To delay the fight for even a day, will be devastating.