The Expanse Returns in all it’s Glory

The Expanse Returns in all it’s Glory

The supercharged political world of Syfy’s The Expanse just exploded in season 2 with the complete destruction of Saturn’s Moon Phoebe! That’s right, this is politics on a planetary scale.

If season one could be summed up as the best, most accurate, and realistic science fiction television show ever produced about space travel, then season 2 adds a heavy dose of solar politics to the mix. While it was present in season 1, I think season 2 did a better job explaining all at stake. Especially with it’s giant push into social media it almost seemed like they tried too hard to go viral. With 360* videos as well as cat videos and interviews with the cast, it was hard to miss The Expanse if you cared about that sort of thing.

With the semi-self sacrifice of Julie Mao (which is actually looking like a giant conspiracy by shady Earthlings to enslave the solar system or at least make them all kill each other) fresh on the minds of Earthers, a three front war seems imminent as various factions across the solar system are itching to wage it. With water scarce everywhere, and a possible alien virus on the loose killing off an entire moon base in the Belt on the Asteroid Eros. Mars desperately pushes on with the only idealistic dream in the show, the right to terraform, and the Belters just want to be treated like actual human beings. Oh yeah and in spite of their obvious physical differences, racism is still alive and well in the 23rd century.  It isn’t your father’s Star Trek!

There is no warp speed, no teleporters, and we still use tablets (although they did in Star Trek too)! Humanity is far from united in a federation of planets despite what the UN may want you to believe. We haven’t even been able to figure out a way to work together to leave the solar system let alone run it like the civilized diplomats in Star Trek. This is of course, the central point of the very popular book series. The utopian ideals from Star Trek are silly, and downright impossible. The Expanse has been heralded by critics as the next Game of Thrones, and the most relevant science fiction show on TV. I also must add that their visuals and CGI are some of the best I have ever seen, and future content creators will look at the space and ground battles that happen in The Expanse and use them as a starting off point.

The eerie accuracy of the show and the books may lead future historians to look back at Syfy’s The Expanse as a prophetic blueprint when, not if humanity fractures off into space. I actually don’t see how things don’t end up like it does in the show and how shocked would they be if author James S. A. Corey predicted everything pretty accurately?

Until Season 2 of The Expanse, it never occurred to me that entire moons might become demolished in future interplanetary battles due to the same stupid politics that seem to follow us humans everywhere. Something tells me humanity is in for a rude awakening if we ever get there.