The End of an Era: Blackberry and Yahoo are Dead

The End of an Era: Blackberry and Yahoo are Dead

Two giant companies have been unable to adapt in the internet age. Early favorites Yahoo and Blackberry are on a downhill spiral to becoming worthless brand names of the bygone dot-com era.

There were points in history where Yahoo and Blackberry were both on top of the world. In numbers, popularity, and market value. Everyone knew their names, everybody used their products and bought their stuff. Now, however, things have changed.

Both companies have announced shocking changes that will leave the brands defunct. A footnote in history.

Back in July Verizon announced that it was going to buy the internet giant Yahoo for $4.8 Billion. What’s worse for Yahoo, is that they are in the midst of a data breach that has affected more than 500 Million user accounts which could affect the sale. Blackberry, the company that revolutionized mobile e-mail and contributed so much to the cell phone market itself, announced today that it will no longer be making any new phones. Leaving many to question what’s next for the cell phone maker.

The underdog competitors of Google and Apple have surrendered to the behemoths of the future.