The Chicago Franchise’s Extended Universe No Longer Makes Any Sense

The Chicago Franchise’s Extended Universe No Longer Makes Any Sense

There comes a point in a franchise built on a house of cards where it all comes crumbling down, I believe the Chicago franchise has just reached that point. This article is about Wendell Pierce’s odd guest starring role on Chicago P.D. as Alderman Price.

The timeslots have changed, the show-runners have changed, and Chicago is missing two legs (Med & Justice) out of the “four legged chair” Dick Wolf was bragging about two years ago when the future of Chicago still looked rosy. Now, one guest star screws up the integrity of that entire universe, but that was always bound to happen.

Monica Raymund portrayed Dana Lodge in The Good Wife

Let me explain, Wendell Pierce is an iconic character actor who also appears as Robert Zane on the USA Network’s drama Suits. If there is indeed a business TVerse like I’ve speculated in the past, then Suits as well as Billions is apart of it. However, if Suits is a part of the business connected universe then the Chicago shows have to be actual TV shows in that universe. Despite the fact that many different characters from the chicago universe have appeared on another business-centric political show, The Good Wife.

Now, if you are missing the disconnect here, it all goes back to The Good Fight’s fictional trial over a missing Law & Order Episode…. Here I described in detail the continuity problems in that subplot concerning the actor Gary Cole and his dueling roles in the otherwise seemingly connected universes of Law & Order and the Good Wife. So it’s probably a good thing it never aired.

Gary Cole Portrays Kurt McVeigh in the Good Wife/Fight

So now you have characters showing up from The Good Wife universe in the Law & Order universe who have also been on the Chicago universe but the Chicago universe is a part of the Law & Order universe and if the Law & Order universe is a part of the Chicago universe what about the “missing” Law & Order Episode that tried Gary Cole? Later on this season more characters from Chicago Justice will now be stepping foot into Law & Order SVU because the show has been cancelled, further adding to this confusion.

Wendell Pierce Portrays Robert Zane on Suits

Wendell Pierce himself, played multiple different characters early on in his career in Law & Order before finding fame in The Wire. The Wire did not have to deal with these pesky character actors that belonged to extended universes! However his role on Suits, poses another interesting dilemma for fans to consider. If Pierce belongs to Suits and David Constabile belongs to Billions as well as Suits then how the heck does both Gary Cole and Wendell Pierce’s guest starring roles on both Law & Order/Chicago shared universe make any logical sense?

I get a headache just thinking about it, so maybe it’s best to suspend disbelief and leave it up to actors doing their jobs? This despite the heavy promotions for these franchise events on broadcast television.