Supernatural’s New World Order Hints at Series End

Supernatural’s New World Order Hints at Series End

Much like a video game, Supernatural has a habit prepping up big baddies for the ultimate boss battle at the end of each season. However, as the series creeps towards 300 episodes and begins to wind down, the new talk of the town is a world without monsters.

Could a world without monsters be Supernatural’s ultimate end goal? With their high tech toys, crazy cool surveillance system, and international contacts. The British Men of Letters are introducing our isolated team of American hunters to a new way, and the fact that they don’t have to go it alone anymore is very enticing! The American hunters are as shocked as the audience is at the British Men of Letters, suspicious world changing dream.

Where we last left off in Season 12 Episode 14. Sam decides to join the British Men of Letters, in hot pursuit of this goal, after the brothers helped them eradicate every Vampire in the Mid-West US. Not a bad haul. Stubborn Dean is still suspicious of their actions. Perhaps they are working with a secret baddie we haven’t seen yet? Knowing Supernatural that seems very possible.

However, what if there is no ulterior motive? What if despite their creepy disposition, the Men of Letters are actually the first genuine group that Sam and Dean have met, with no strings attached? What if they want to recruit them simply because they are the best damn hunters in the world, not just America!

Could the Men of Letters eventually grow into a powerful government-like entity? Sam and Dean already pose as FBI agents in every case they work on, and the British Men of Letters operate much like a CIA field office would. Future seasons could even see the formation of a hunter world governing body like the UN. This could easily be wrapped up in two more seasons if the Men of Letters are genuine about their lofty goals, or it could last another ten seasons ending perhaps at episode 666? With that many seasons Supernatural could slowly build out their Men of Letters World Order, slowly eradicating each sect of monsters, and introducing other international chapters of the Men of Letters. Wait, maybe that would work better as a spinoff series instead…