Supernatural’s Missed Shared Universe Opportunities

Supernatural’s Missed Shared Universe Opportunities

Ever since the Supernatural Spin-off Bloodlines, failed to get picked up by The CW Execs, fans have been wondering if Supernatural will ever get to branch out and away from the Winchesters. The Supernatural Universe is so vast, and full of ideas, that I am so surprised that it hasn’t been milked by The CW for all it’s worth.

Obviously the Winchester Brothers are getting older, and they can’t go on forever. It seems that they are sometimes getting tired of playing the same people over and over again, but then again. They got to love that steady paycheck.

Considering that Supernatural has basically spearheaded and maintained The CW’s hold on supernatural branded shows ever since the Network launched, in 2006. Supernatural itself could be considered a franchise starter, but only on very loose terms. It’s currently one of the only shows on the CW’s massive slate of original content that doesn’t have any footing in the other shows it airs. The CW is famous for it’s DC Arrowverse and it’s slowing down it’s Vampire Diaries’ Universe. These on the CW make up a large chunk or their top original programming.

Since there is no official word on if Supernatural Universe touches the Arrowverse or the Vampverse. I think it’s safe to say that they are not going to crossover anytime soon, despite the juicy rumors. So while, that option seems out, the spin-off potential is something that the CW needs to think long and hard about for the next few years.

It would be astounding if Supernatural lasts another five years, and if that happens, what then? In the age of the Franchise, do you really think the CW will just never return to the vast world of the Supernatural? With it’s cast of colorful characters and even minor characters that only popped up in one episode, where each and every one of them could shine on their own show. I don’t think the CW will be all that comfortable leaving their multi-million dollar franchise in the dirt.

Let me tell you what I think they should do next  in order to launch a humongous shared Supernatural Universe: They should do a buddy-cop like show starring Crowley and Castiel and they could be out searching for Lucifer for the larger arc of the show. It would be perfect and based on the brothers’ reaction upon learning from Cas that, he and Crowley are indeed working together, they are already laying the groundwork for this show. Crowley and Cas aren’t in the show that much, and if they were to do a show together they already have great chemistry, and are fan favorites on top of that. They could keep the Heaven and Hell storylines with Demons and Angels too. It’s half the show now, without Sam and Dean.



However, due to the CW’s brass’ unwillingness to come up with a creative successor to the Winchester Brothers in order to keep hold on their universe. Like the beings portrayed in their show, they could end up losing all control of it. This universe could truly just revolve around the Brothers and that would be a damn shame.