Superbowl LI: Franchises are in Overdrive Mode, But 24 Fumbles

Superbowl LI: Franchises are in Overdrive Mode, But 24 Fumbles

And what’s with that Johnny Cash revival going on, lately?

On Sunday, the Superbowl celebrated it’s 51st spectacular and 111 Million people tuned in. The franchise that is the New England Patriots, won their fifth Superbowl and leading man Tom Brady is in the running for the most decorated Football player in history, and there’s no signs he’s slowing down anytime soon!

If you went in to Superbowl LI hoping to see some original ideas, from Hollywood you’d be fresh out of luck. A franchise itself, the NFL is said in Will Smith’s movie Concussion, “to own a day of the week. Sunday, the same day that the church did.” If that doesn’t highlight the power of franchises, I don’t know what quote does.

So does it really come to shock that in 2017, the most talked about ad spots belonged to franchises?

The Movie Spots were all franchises:

Guardians of the Galaxy 2:




Pirates 5 ft. Johnny Cash:

Fast 8:

Perhaps the most original thing in the Superbowl was Lady Gaga’s Drones and car commercials.

Even Logan could be considered part of a the X-men franchise right?

Fox TV tried to capitalize on the Superbowl with the premier of 24: Legacy, a reboot of one of it’s most successful series of all time, but only 17 Million stuck around to watch the pilot. Most shows that premiere after the Superbowl get much better ratings. In 2015, The Blacklist, on NBC got nearly double that.

So what happened to 24? Was it just not that good? Is it not franchise material? Did people not like Jack Bauer getting replaced?