Suits Just Gave Rise to the Business TVerse By Referencing Billions

Suits Just Gave Rise to the Business TVerse By Referencing Billions

If you still watch Suits at this point, there’s either something wrong with you, or you like these people enough after seven years to keep going even if the stories are a little bland.

That said, being one of the best pilots I have ever seen, Suits has become somewhat of a summer favorite of mine since first airing in 2011. The show centers around high-profile lawyers with their corporate clients and the shady deals they have to do.

In the season 7 premiere, two people (millionaires) were fighting over a liquor company until someone else outbids them. The first two bidders held strong at $100 million. Then someone swoops in and outbids them by double their asking price at $200 million. That someone? Axelrod! Fans speculate that it’s none other than Bobby Axelrod of the hit ShowTime series Billions.

Axe Capital– Bobby Axelrod’s Hedge Fund on Billions

Suits often mentions other TV shows and characters in them. Harvey and Mike, the dynamic duo of hot-shot lawyers, often quote movies. It’s an interesting development being that both Billions and Suits take place in New York City. If the characters were real, then Bobby and Harvey would most definitely run in similar circles. Axelrod’s firm could even be one of  Pearson Specter Litt’s clients.

Pearson Specter Litt– The law firm on Suits

However, there is one thing that still doesn’t hold up. What of, David Costabile’s villainous role as both Daniel Hardman and Mike ‘Wags’ Wagner? He played characters on both shows, but there are work arounds. Identical twins?

David Costabile is known for playing fun, eccentric, but villainous roles on cable TV

On Billions we don’t know much about Wags’ past or how he became Axelrod’s trusted sidekick. If he was Daniel Hardman in Suits’ law firm, that could be an interesting background. Maybe he had to change his name after dealing with the fallout of the partners outing him, so that he could work in finance without breaking laws. He has a problem with drugs and has often disappeared for long stretches at a time while working for Axelrod. So maybe he can’t stay away from the legal industry and changes personas at will. I wouldn’t put it past Wags.

With a Suits spinoff on the way, could we see the Good Fight join into this universe? Do you want a shared universe centered around all the business shows on TV? Will Billions make a reference to Pearson Specter Litt in Season 3?



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    RP2929 10 months ago

    Wags isnt Hardman. Thats a fucking retarded plot. It was a name. It dosent mean crossovers will occur.

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    A cross over would be amazing! Make Wags a twin, that would be funny to see Louis’reaction. Can you imagine Harvey and Bobby in the same room. Epic!

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