Steve Bannon’s Demotion Proves Trump Can’t Change The System

Steve Bannon’s Demotion Proves Trump Can’t Change The System

By firing 60 bombs, Trump unifies the country. The firing of Steven Bannon as head of the NSC came before the 59 tomahawks reigned down on Syria yesterday in response to a deadly chemical attack and the White House felt a moral obligation to respond in that fashion.

As the Trump White House faces multiple foreign policy crises’ the White House officially moved out of campaign mode today, four months after the election with the removal of Steve Bannon from the National Security Council.

Trump was elected to change the system and for the first four months of his Presidency he talked the talk and attempted to walk the walk. He signed E.O. after E.O without realizing that there are other branches of government that would block his laws. Despite trying to ram a Health Care bill nobody liked down our throats Trump trudged on. Tweeting about conspiracy after conspiracy. When the other theories fell apart, Trump blew more twitter smoke our way. Smoke that was so wrong it was colored purple!

It’s been 24 hours since Steve Bannon’s demotion and that slim hope libertarians had that Trump might be the one to incorporate their wacky world view has been blown away. Since Trump declared to launch missiles at Syria without Congressional Approval, members of the Freedom Caucus are fuming!

Rand Paul, unofficial leader of that conservative group in an op-ed at Fox News has said that this was another, “Unconstitutional Rush to War.” While, like immediately after 9/11/01, the rest of the country has finally united around the President!

If Trump molds his presidency on Obama’s domestic policies, and Bush’s foreign policy, and Clinton’s economic policy, perhaps the guy might not be so bad! However, this is a stark contrast compared to how Trump campaigned. He promised to be different. He promised to shake up the system, and if Bannon is on the way out, he won’t do that.