Star Trek Turns 50!


On the heels of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, I look back at the show that turned me and plenty of other people into life-long nerds!

When I was a kid, my father showed me the classic Star Trek episode the Trouble with Tribbles, and that introduced me to the world of science fiction for the first time! The episode was at both times funny and serious. Later I realized that the show dealt with how society interacts with different types of people and though it took place in space, it brought everything down to Earth. On top of all the cool tech and its idealistic vision for humanity’s future. Star Trek to this day continues to offer hope and fun for people of all ages.

There are those who are obsessed with the series, and it could be considered the first geek fandom before geek fandom became cool! From the years after ST: Enterprise went off the air and JJ Abrams’ new movie franchise started, there were those who wondered whether we would ever see new Star Trek beam back into our lives. In 2016, I am glad to say that the series which holds a special place in my heart, is not showing any signs of slowing down. In fact it seems that it’s warp speed ahead! JJ has Star Trek 4 on the way and CBS is working very hard on it’s new Star Trek anthology web-series Star Trek Discovery.

In each of the Star Trek series I enjoy the episodes where they run into non-humanoid lifeforms, have weird time travel incidents, and whenever tech malfunctions. The characters of Q, Kahn, and Gul Dukat make memorable villains. Data, the EMH Program, and Spock all make for very interesting secondary characters. And of course the battle for best captain is headed by Captain James T. Kirk, but I don’t leave Picard out.

With his famous frustrated facepalm, Picard is in fact, immortalized in meme form forever on the internet:


While there have been some criticism over the new directions both the JJ-verse and the new Star Trek show are taking, the fact that a show that was cancelled after three seasons continues to have a lasting impact on our everyday lives 50 years later, is a feat that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Live Long and Prosper Star Trek. Chances of it lasting another 50 years seem stronger than ever.