Speech Enabled IoT Takes Center Stage at CES 2017; Mostly Powered by Amazon

Speech Enabled IoT Takes Center Stage at CES 2017; Mostly Powered by Amazon

And the e-tailer giant doesn’t even have it’s own booth!

Preferring to own their own press releases and dominate headlines by holding their own corporate events– much like Apple does. Amazon’s presence at CES 2017 doesn’t feel lost.

Everywhere you look at on the stage in Las Vegas people are talking to their gadgets! From cars, garbage cans, and even fish finders the internet of things has finally found a voice and its all thanks to Amazon.

Namely their free open-source operating system powered by Alexa with its wide-ranging speakers and ability to understand simple voice commands. The smart home has finally arrived.

The staggering growth of this new platform has even surprised top Amazon executives. In a joint conference with LG about their new refrigerators powered by who else but the Alexa system, it was revealed that Alexa now has over 7,000 skills. 1,600 more than it had last month!

If this type of evolution doesn’t sound familiar. It should. Go back to the early days of Microsoft. I see Amazon’s foray into the future of the operating system a lot like Microsoft’s earliest days with Windows. Of course there are some huge differences like its open source qualities, but that shouldn’t make you think twice about Alexa’s dominance over the software and even hardware!

Its one upped Microsoft even in its prime.  Just about anybody can use it, develop with it and implement it into their products. This isn’t even including the hobbyists and hackers that are fiddling around with Alexa making it do things it never intended. Now, that manufacturers don’t have to create their own speakers for their own smart devices which would have caused market chaos and set the industry back another decade, like in the 1990s. Alexa controls the whole thing and people are more than happy to allow it.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t and won’t be competition. Mattel and Lenovo are both working on their own ecosystems, but at this rate I wonder if anyone will ever be able to challenge Alexa to a duel.