Sam Nunberg is the Jar Jar Binks of Trump Wars

Sam Nunberg is the Jar Jar Binks of Trump Wars

Opting into the latest WH drama, CNN and MSNBC were first on Sam Nunberg’s talk show circuit. I’m not going to repeat everything that he said, because every media outlet in the world is reporting on it.

Every media outlet in the world besides for Fox News. Fox News is leading the silence in the conservative blogosphere on the coverage of Sam Nunberg’s crazy mid-afternoon into the night talk show heist, pleading with Mueller, “Come and get me,” Mother-F***kers!!! In fact, if you were a Fox News connoisseur you’d be hard pressed to find the story at all. It’s not on the homepage, and rather buried in the political section.

The Drudge Report was no different, known for breaking the Monica Lewinsky scandal that brought down President Bill Clinton before any other news network knew about it, Drudge took a few hours to post a link to Newsbusters. Automatically dubbing Nunberg “Crazy,” in an attempt to discredit him.

Regardless of what Nunberg said about Russian collusion (Carter Page?) there’s already been some speculation on social media that conservative media was colluding somehow with parts of this meltdown giving red meat to the liberal networks just to watch their heads explode. This is almost certainly what I like to call reverse trolling, and it’s something that Nunberg’s self-proclaimed mentor Roger Stone is very, very good at.

Darth Jar Jar

Like the Darth Jar Jar Binks Theory in the Star Wars universe, Nunberg seemed drunk out of his mind but an apparent evil mastermind who appeared to take credit for coming up with all the big important ideas, like the wall. He’s trashing himself while propping himself up and at the same time throwing around distraction after distraction on what happened during any Trump Wars he may have been apart of.

I noticed how Roger Stone for months after the election said on national TV he had nothing to do with the campaign anymore, he was just a supporter. Just like Nunberg is doing now. At this point it’s almost proven that Stone worked with Assange to get the DNC Emails, what we don’t know is what Trump knew and what he saw.

Nunberg also said he talked to Bannon last week, didn’t want to spend hours going through emails (if you’ve got nothing to hide you know you don’t have to search through them manually.) Just use outlook to do a batch collection, load them into a single file and mail them out to the FBI. Trump likely doesn’t care about him at this point just as long as his name is in the media, he doesn’t care how. So he let’s have Stone and Nunberg come up with this little scheme. This is something that has almost definitely been approved personally by the POTUS.

Now I could be spreading a conspiracy theory here myself and he really is drunk/out of his mind. It wouldn’t be the craziest thing to happen in the Trump WH, but that’s not to say more shadowy figures in Trump Wars, wouldn’t use that to their advantage in the next coming days.

I hope like others, that he’s OK, and that he gets help.