Ready Player One Combines Hollywood Universes in a Virtual Reality World

Ready Player One Combines Hollywood Universes in a Virtual Reality World

The ultimate easter egg hunt is coming to the big screen in 2018, and as the trailer released today at Comic Con shows, the greatest shared universe in science fiction is ready for action. With shared universes and 80s nostalgia at an all time high, I say, it couldn’t have picked a more perfect time!

Iron Giant will be one of the most important characters in the movie.

Over the past year there’s been a bit of speculation on how much other hollywood properties will be included in the movie. Since it takes place in a virtual world, mostly every single property can be included. Leave up to Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg to take up this massive undertaking and actually have the sense to cut out most of his properties from the movie. Still there are a bunch of Spielberg Easter Eggs in the movie from the Iron Giant and Jaws to Gremlins, and a DeLorean!

Other Easter Eggs fans have pointed out from the trailer have been, Freddy Krueger characters from Lord of the Rings and a various amount of Super heroes from Deadpool to Harley Quinn.

Those in the VR community are psyched for the movie. Even though the technology shows great promise, we aren’t at the level where many futurists predicted we would be at this point in time with the technology. EX: There were no flying cars in 2015, let alone a mass adoption of them like shown in the Back to the Future movies. So, it’s likely that by 2045 (the year this movie takes place) isn’t actually predicting the future. Although since the Cubs did win the world series, but in 2016, who’s to say the movie won’t be off by a couple of years give or take?

That’s the hope that Spielberg himself has. He wants the movie to be a positive message about VR and to hopefully get people excited enough about the technology to speed up adoption.


You can watch the trailer below: