Product Placement Wins Over Substance! Fuller House Gets Season 3 on Netflix

Product Placement Wins Over Substance! Fuller House Gets Season 3 on Netflix

The most interesting thing in Fuller House is the horrendous placement of products into seemingly every scene because in lieu of commercials Netflix has to make money somehow!

If you watch Fuller House, you’ll soon realize that those campy jokes about McRibs being back for a limited time aren’t just jokes. They are placed there purposely and sneakily because of deals that Netflix has made with those companies. There are of course the more subtle product placements in the show, like when characters use various branded technologies or foodstuffs, but those are less annoying.

For a show that bills itself as wholesome family entertainment parents (fans who watched the original show) shouldn’t be fooled by the 90s nostalgia. I am shocked that the usual uptight Danny Tanner hasn’t ever once quipped at his adult daughters’ tight or loose sexually suggestive clothing. With too many parties, more sexual innuendos, seemingly lack of direction, Fuller House has managed to find enough content to crank out nearly 30 episodes. Was that drug talk too?

Maybe I was more of a curious kid than most, but if watching this show was my first exposure to some of these terms that are used in the show, I would run to the internet to look them up! Kinda of fitting for a show that is ONLY available on the internet! It’s probably why they are more loose with the vocabulary and the content in general. Yet, I do not believe that most parents will allow their kids to watch it. Most ratings say that the series is good for kids aged 13 and up, some even go as high as 15!

Because of the mundane plots I mostly spent the few hours I spent watching this dribble picking out all the fun ways they inserted ads into a supposed ad-free show. I never laughed once, and while there were some heartwarming bonding between the characters, the 9-year old Elias Harger (Max) is clearly the best actor on the whole show. Isn’t that saying something?

With it’s push into original content, I once predicted that Netflix was shortly going to evolve into a Television Channel. I didn’t realize it had already happened. Note to millennials: Netflix is now no better than cable.