Potential 9-1-1 Franchise to Challenge The One Chicago Powerhouse

Potential 9-1-1 Franchise to Challenge The One Chicago Powerhouse

9-1-1 is Fox’s highest rated show. The show is averaging a whopping 14.3 million viewers per week across all platforms. That doesn’t just make 9-1-1 Fox’s number one show, it makes it a surprise smash hit with huge franchise potential. To Fox that not only means dollar signs but a chance to break out a brand new EMS world.

Not since the X-files has Fox had the potential to turn things around on the franchise stage. Missing out NCIS, CSI, and Law & Order, Fox hasn’t had much success in the procedural realm in modern times. So expanding the 9-1-1 universe is certainly possible in the eyes of Ryan Murphy.

Critics have grown weary from some of the storylines on long-running Chicago Fire which turned the firefighter case of the week series into something of a light-hearted soap opera featuring cases of the month. So 9-1-1 gave fans a little of that back, even if the cases are ridiculous they aren’t bogged down by too much character drama. It’s the right mix, and that’s probably why it’s twice as popular.

Murphy said he’d be interested in exploring other characters on the show in season 2 and/or perhaps another city for a spinoff. Murphy could have the opportunity to have EMS types shows in various parts of the country that don’t necessarily get filmed in. 9-1-1 seems to have a lot of location based shots around Los Angeles. A potential 9-1-1 spinoff could definitely take the same model to the countryside, or the mountains, or the plains. EMS people have to deal with a bunch of different factors if they are not in a city.