Pittsburgh Braces for a Driverless Future



Uber’s Driverless cars go wild!

This is the first real test the technology will go through as it works in the real world. We’ll be able to keep track of how the cars work and what they will do with the very many obstacles of not being controlled in a lab, or a park, or a made up driverless car town.

While the Silicon Valley Universe and most car manufacturers except Mazda are going full speed ahead with their plans to fully develop Driverless technology by 2020, the population at large is still very skeptical of the technology. In short, everyone is nervous about how the cars will react to the unpredictable nature of the outside world.

How will the cars keep their GPS systems up-to-date? How will they work in rural areas? How will they operate in the rain or the snow? These are the questions that the engineers are hard at work on, but the time is right for a real-world test and I am super excited to see the results!