Parliament is Asking Trump to Delete His Twitter Account

Parliament is Asking Trump to Delete His Twitter Account

Well, Trump has pissed off another ally and you don’t want to piss off the British.

The fallout from Trump’s re-tweeting of fake anti-muslim videos on twitter is one controversy that he might not be able to escape. His excuse? The videos might have been fake, but the message is real? What message? The anti-Muslim message?

The videos in question came from a far-right anti-Muslim group called Britain First. Which showed muslims beating up a dutch boy in crutches, destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary, and a Islamic mob throwing a boy off the roof and beating him up. The tweets are still on Trump’s twitter account and it sparked outrage around the world.

Trump managed to look like even more of a fool when he tweeted out a message to the PM Theresa May, but linked to the wrong account. The corrected tweet is still up on Trump’s twitter page. Trump has outraged the nation of England because he is over-exaggerating the nation’s immigration problems.

The PM said Trump was wrong to tweet the anti-Muslim videos and that she wants him to apologize. Parliament is asking, “wouldn’t the world be a better place,” if his twitter account was deleted? Trump’s visit to the U.K. has now been cancelled because of this stupidity.