Of Course, The CIA Has Hacking Tools

Of Course, The CIA Has Hacking Tools

In the age of sensational tech news and alternative facts, it comes a shock to the collective consciousness that the CIA has hacking tools? Really?

The king of Click-bait is at it again, spinning the bulk email chains that they receive from whistle-blowers into breaking news headlines, no wonder President Trump loves them. They do the same thing he does!

For Wikileaks’ part, they are masters of taking something that should be a boring leak, “CIA has hacking tools,” and complete conversations about what those are, and they change it to, “CIA is spying on you through your TV.” That is the jist of the spin that has come out over the media in the past 24 hours. Now, to many this only backs up what they have been hearing through third party anti-establishment types ever since the 1960s. For others, this is apparently a new revelation that builds upon the claims of millennial hero, Edward Snowden.

In this age where the anti-establishment mentality has run rampant against the four estates of Democracy, and the President of the United States’ ridiculous wiretapping claims mush together seamlessly with this report, in order to back up his dangerous claims. Suspicions of collusion with certain foreign agents creep on. As this stressful, alternative narrative plays out across the world it’s beginning to get harder and harder to determine what’s real, what’s click-bait, and what’s fake news.

I’ll leave you with this question, “Don’t you want the CIA to be able to innovate?”