Netflix Releases Black Mirror Season 3 Trailer

Netflix Releases Black Mirror Season 3 Trailer

Back last year, as the popularity of this little known tech show known as Black Mirror went viral on Netflix. Netflix bought the show’s rights outright and gave creator Charlie Brooker the freedoms he needed to create more of the chilling futuristic possibilities that are right around the corner.

It’s clear that Charlie put a lot of thought into the last seven episodes broken down into two distinct series. Consisting of three episodes each and airing weirdly more than two years apart from each other on British TV. The episodes focused on what-if scenarios that tackle society’s greatest technological fears and questions if computers are already in control of us.

So it was only a matter of time before American audiences discovered the show on Netflix in late 2014 and it was an automatic binge-worthy hit! Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame took things up a notch when Netflix released a Black Mirror Christmas Special right before Christmas 2014. Giving fans a hint of what’s to come.  With big names and six more stories. We are getting more Black Mirror thrown at us than ever before! I love how this trailer gives us just a taste without really giving us any clues as to what the main plots of these upcoming story-lines are. Read below to find out my opinions on the first seven crazy episodes.

Black Mirror Episode No Spoiler Rankings:

1. White Bear: Ever since I watched this it has stuck in my mind. That rarely happens. What an interesting way of “justice.” I’ll see how I feel about it in a week. Though, I did have a similar idea a while back and was thrilled to see something similar on TV. Leave it up to the brits huh?

2. The National Anthem: I am wondering why something like this hasn’t happened yet. Maybe our society isn’t as sick and twisted as Brooker would like us to think. Gives me hope actually! Huge sucker for anything politics related.

3. White Christmas: Huge Jon Hamm fan. But the beginning and ending was great! I didn’t really care for the middle/torture of the machine…

4. Fifteen Million Merits: This one was great and was my favorite up until I watched White Bear. Made me think, doesn’t this happen now anyway?

5. Be Right Back: Interesting concept but pretty creepy and Asimov-y. Did they really need to ingrain into our minds that the robot was creepy by making the robot say he was?

6. The Waldo Moment: I thought this one could have been done a lot better than it was and it was a huge disappointment. Since again, I love politics. I also didn’t really quite understand the ending and why the cops were going crazy over someone throwing stuff at a picture of the bear.

7. The Entire History of You: HATED this one with a passion!!! It was too British for my taste and I hate relationship drama that doesn’t seem to have a story. Needless to say the only episode I didn’t finish.

I hope these new episodes are not in any way related to The Entire History of You, but the critics seemed to really like that one.