Netflix Cancels Bloodline


Everyone’s favorite dysfunctional Netflix family will end after season 3, but the Rayburns are going to be causing a lot of trouble in the next 10 episodes. So it’s not too upsetting. Three seasons is a pretty good run.

The creators of the show apparently had plans for six seasons of Bloodline if Netflix wanted them. Now we know that Netflix is only going for three in total. Bloodline’s creators may shop the network around to other channels and medias before giving up entirely. Though it’s still unclear if they will.

Thanks to it’s distasteful plot about it’s back-stabbing Florida family. People were instantly drawn to the show’s drama, and many found the show entirely binge-worthy. Headed up by Television star Kyle Chandler and the captivating Ben Mendelsohn, both superb performances earned the stars Emmys. Bloodline itself was an Emmy favorite in it’s own right as well.