Netflix Acquires Shondaland

Netflix Acquires Shondaland

Shonda Rhimes has announced that she has ended her 15 year relationship with ABC. Netflix has exclusively signed her and her production company Shondaland.

It looks like Netflix has made good on their promise to spend hundreds of millions of dollars creating new original content from some of Hollywood’s most reputable creators.  They weren’t kidding themselves huh? First Millarworld and now Shondaland. It seems like they knew the Disney ouster was coming and were readily prepared for this. It seems pissing off Sense8 people was more than worth it.

One of my first blog posts on this site dealing with TV was analyzing the future of Shondaland and I had no idea Netflix was even in the playing cards. Certainly it wasn’t in 2016. Perhaps the Disney fallout pushed Netflix to poach creators?

It appears that Rhimes was getting restless with Broadcast TV and wanted a new avenue to push the envelop for her storytelling, and it certainly deserves it. I feel that her TV shows are often too bogged down by network regulations which make them look soapy. She will still develop her current TV projects with ABC, but everything new that she thinks up, will go directly to Netflix!