NBC To Shut Down Breaking News App

NBC To Shut Down Breaking News App

What do you do when your favorite App shuts down, runs out of money, and disappears from your phone forever? Today, I share a heavy heart with Cory Bergman, the Co-founder of Breaking News. When I heard that the app was shutting down I was floored. It is the app that got me through my first three national elections and countless trend-setting headlines.

From learning before most people who didn’t already follow Dwayne Johnson on Twitter that Osama Bin Laden was dead on May 1, 2011, to keeping track of 2012 Winter Olympics, and keeping up with the latest happenings with the SONY hacking. It helped me feel like I had a little bit more of a head-start on the news than everyone else and it made me feel like that all too infamous word these days, an insider.

The twitter aggregator will shut down completely, 17 days from now, and if you read between the lines, the reasons are pretty clear. Bergman said on Twitter that the app simply couldn’t be sustained and wasn’t making enough money. That explanation sounds pretty simple. What it and it’s lacking of details medium post doesn’t tell you, is that Breaking News simply can’t compete with the click-bait. And that’s a shame.

You read that right. This tumultuous period of partisan media infighting has claimed it’s latest victim.  It was probably the most professional piece of information-gathering since the invention of Google, and it can’t compete with flashy pictures, aggressive headlines, and pop-up ads. Apparently 9.4 Million followers wasn’t enough to maintain the app. Then again, maybe Twitter isn’t a wise base source of information. Are we heading into an era where we can’t simply tell the news anymore? That it will always have to have an opinion attached to it?

What was great about Breaking News was it’s simple to use interface that was not bogged down by pop-ups and ads. The editors worked tirelessly to bring us an accurate picture of the world at large, your local community and your alerts about your favorite topics. Mine included broad general topics from tech to the 2016 elections, to more specific things like the Trayvon Martin Case or Donald Trump.

Because the app is shutting down right before Trump himself settles into the White House, one has to ask is Breaking News another causality of the election? If so, it will be a cowardly decision on the part of NBC to shut down the most accurate news app ever. I will be sad to see Breaking News vanish in 2017. RIP