NBC Goes Right With Megyn Kelly

NBC Goes Right With Megyn Kelly

Let this be a lesson for all the conservative hardliners who wanted her gone from Fox News, it’s clear that Megyn Kelly is the most conservative voice on NBC. Her first show debuted with an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She promoted her show on right wing radio networks and Alex Jones interviewed her on his Conspiracy Website Infowars.

Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly drew in about 6 Million viewers which isn’t bad for a broadcast news debut, but it hardly made a dent. The interview was certainly an odd pairing. NBC figured on, putting in everyone’s favorite TV talk show host to hate, and pair her with the dictator the country has a love-hate relationship with. It was a disaster waiting to happen, and yet 6 million people watched it. Not including all the priated Youtube clips put up later with the interviews. Does NBC have a workable schedule here? Will Megyn Kelly move NBC further to the right? Or is Kelly a has been?

You can catch the interview here: