Michelle Wolf is the New Queen of Late Night

Michelle Wolf is the New Queen of Late Night

After the White House Correspondents Dinner, everyone is talking about Netflix’s new star: Michelle Wolf. When it was announced that Netflix gobbled up comedian Michelle Wolf to host her own weekly talk show, “The Break with Michelle Wolf,” not many people knew who she was.  Now they do and her show hasn’t even started yet.

The Break comes to Netflix May 27.

With impeccable timing and a “say it as it is,” attitude she was the perfect choice to host this years Dinner. I’m hearing mixed reviews about it online. Don’t have time to watch the whole thing? Some people loved it. Some people (unexpected people) hated it. It’s interesting where the divide is:

1. Some people are saying that it was wrong to attack Sarah Sanders looks.
2. Others are saying it’s just comedy and that Sarah lies constantly so it’s OK.

3. Some say it’s bad that this is turning into a liberal friends only zone and that it paints a bad picture for journalism in America.
4. Others say that it’s the perfect blend of comedy bashing and that people should lighten up.

5. Or maybe people are just freaking out about a female comedian and are uncomfortable with Wolf’s style.
6. Some say that Trump supporters have no right to bash Michelle Wolf for doing what Trump does better than he does.

These are mostly from media personalities or media executives as they analyze the remarks. 48 hours after the roast, people are still analyzing her routine and in this 24 hours scandal filled news cycle that’s amazing! It’s very fascinating to see the divide, how her routine has broke out, and what the national conversation is about it. No one can say Wolf didn’t do her job though. This is a conversation we need to have in this country.

Wolf roasted the media in ways that conservative comedians wish they could. Her best line of the night in my opinion was when she said, “the best thing on CNN is when Anthony Bourdain tells me where I should eat noodles.”