Maddow Tries to Trump Trump in a Ratings Blackout

Maddow Tries to Trump Trump in a Ratings Blackout

Network ratings are four days behind because of a power outage at Nielsen’s main data collection facility which is where those network ratings come from that used to be the bread and butter of network TV show’s survival. Even though, they aren’t as important these days, Network Execs still look to the ratings as a holy grail of how many people are watching their coveted shows.

In a supposedly Earth-shattering promotional tease, MSNBC Host Rachael Maddow declared that she had Trump’s tax returns, but it fell on deaf analytical ears, as nothing of shock value was revealed that the White House didn’t disclose hours earlier. That left many in the industry wondering, did Rachael Maddow troll us all? Or is something more sinister going on?

This week’s latest conspiracy theory among political watchers about just what goes on in the White House, is that the Trump team purposely leaked his own tax returns. This in an effort to embarrass liberal firebrand Rachael Maddow who warned the White House that she had gotten a hold of his 2005 Tax Returns somehow, a flimsy rebuttal if true.

Though, many on the right consider it an embarrassment for the anti-Trumper, Maddow’s promotion worked! Upstaging the critically acclaimed This Is Us’ Season Finale, in a darkened ratings outage that was ripe for social media trolling take-over! She got 4 million views, dominated social media, and water cooler conversations the next day. Still, Rachael Maddow was undercut by the master of media manipulation, one Donald Trump.

This shouldn’t take away from what she did though. She got the White House to respond in a direct manner that they don’t usually do. Maddow is the first host to directly challenge President Trump on his own turf. I’m not talking about those late night guys who just makes fun of everything he does or says. I’m talking about playing the President at his own game and she did it well, really well!