Lost In Space Suffers From Racist Reviews

Lost In Space Suffers From Racist Reviews

If you are looking for a new sci-fi show to watch, you may want to avoid the IMDB reviews of Netflix’s new Lost in Space.

It’s like the alt-right invaded them, because they dare make Judy black and Dr. Smith a woman. It’s amazing what people get triggered by. Space Travel, Robots, Mad Scientists, family survival??? What more do these people want from their sci-fi? Keep in mind that Star Trek Discovery had these “problems” too, so the merits of taking a franchise and completely changing it is something that should be carefully thought about.

This however, is realistic wholesome family scifi if there ever was such a thing. It’s a bit like Harry Potter mixed with the feel good scifi of Eureka or Wall-E. It’s what After Earth should have been and it’s not as cheesy as The Orville. It moves very slow but it has a lot going for it. It throws a lot at you in the first episode but none of it was the politically correct crap that I keep seeing in the reviews on IMDB.

It doesn’t appear that the modern changes to the cast was done in any nefarious agenda pushing way like the haters on IMDB seem to be claiming. The creators just wanted to update the family. Make them have depth and more problems than the Apple Pie family of the 1960s. This is to be expected and if these people aren’t happy with that, they must have been living under a rock while shows like Modern Family have dominated the Television landscape for the past decade or more.

I barely saw any of the original series (way before my time), and for the first half hour I kept comparing it to the movie, which compared to this was a comedy. So I was pleasantly surprised about how complex it was and all the dynamics it introduced. The introduction of the Robot was very star trek-like and he’s apparently a big character. Imagine if this was the first episode of TNG for instance?? Which is still routinely criticized for being too cheesy up to this day.

I did not expect Judy to be saved by said Robot, in the movie she dies. So it would be interesting to see where her character goes. Will she have a death wish??? Does she? It paints a interesting character arc for character that is supposed to be dead.

I like the cast, and the themes. It’s more survival aspects as opposed to the comedy/futuristic aspects of the movie. I would have been perfectly happy with just following the adventures of the Robinson’s on this new planet, but since there are other Jupiter’s out there perhaps the scope of this series is a lot larger than the Original series or the movie, that it’s not just one ship.

That can provide plenty of shenanigans for that trio (of Dr. Smith, Penny, and Don) to get involved with until they meet up with the Robinsons. Just don’t turn into The Walking Dead please! Don’t let the reviews fool you, if you are looking for some good wholesome sci-fi this is the show you’ve been looking for. Get your mind out of the past and give it a shot. Some people won’t and never would have.


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    Jaal Azell 1 month ago

    The racism is in the show. Judy is clearly biracial, and her backstory up to this point doesn’t explain where her father his. So, it’s another thinly veiled assertion that black men aren’t good fathers and will leave their children, even if the mother is white… There are other issues with the show, but I won’t address since it’s not on topic.

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    Andrew 4 weeks ago

    The real problem on the show is this Indian family. Its a terrible portrayal. Theres so few Indians on TV – especially males, its really disappointing how they chose to portray the young Indian guy and his father. They are both bad people and very badly written characters. Disappointing overall.

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