Legendary Acquires Full Rights to the Dune Franchise

Legendary Acquires Full Rights to the Dune Franchise

There’s about to be a whole lot of Dune in the future. Because as Screenrant reports Legendary Pictures has acquired it’s Movie and TV rights.

What does this mean for the far reaching monumentally infleuncing sci-fi series that has never seen a proper screen adaptation?? Legendary jumping on the franchise bandwagon as of late what with Jurassic World, King Kong, and Godzilla. It seems that this is not just going to be a simple walk in the park trilogy one and done, like most properties.

If not, then why would Legendary specifically buy the TV rights as well? No, I think like what Paramount has done Dune could become the next Star Trek for Legendary. With shared universes cranking out TV shows and Movies simultaneously. Which would surely please it’s rabid fanbase of which has never been fully satisfied once the 1984 movie bombed at the box office.