Law & Order True Crime Does Not Know What it Wants to be

Law & Order True Crime Does Not Know What it Wants to be

Dick Wolf is trying to reboot and expand the Law & Order brand by capitalizing on the success of American Crime Story’s anthology format, except the format for Law & Order True Crime seems stuck in the non-binge past.

The conversion of Law & Order into a mini-series doesn’t seem to fit well as it recreates the iconic case of the Menendez Brothers with none of the momentum that made American Crime Story the success that it was.

Though the story is as intriguing as any Dateline, or any story in the true crime genre itself, the challenge for Dick Wolf is coming up with other true crime stories to keep this anthology series going. It could be said that American Crime Story is responsible for jump starting this new anthology true crime genre, but it’s going to become a crowded market if it’s not already.

Making a Murderer and American Crime Story are currently scouting out second seasons, but Dick Wolf isn’t just going to let the Law & Order re-brand die off. Not with it’s sizable 6.2 million viewers helped by a This is Us lead-in. Though for some reason True Crime seems better as a binge-worthy cable show fitted better on USA Network instead of a prime-time drama.