Law & Order SVU Star Running for Congress

Law & Order SVU Star Running for Congress

How’s this for universe jumping? Diane Neal has gone from the fake courtroom to a very real political office. Neal, played ADA Casey Novak on SVU, she is making an independent run for Congress in New York.

She clearly has a passion for the politics and does not want to put country above party. It’s noted that she declares herself as a progressive and that the #metoo movement may have been one of her inspirations to run.

For now she seems to be a welcomed non-partisan voice in this very divided country, but what are her chances of winning the district?

She has to get 3,500 signatures to get on the ballot by November, and currently has almost no operations set up. She is active on twitter though and based on the response from the press release, it seems like her celebrity status would help her. I wish her luck.